Operations Review

How Healthy is Your Business?

Polygon Consulting reviews and refines your business practices to:

  • Catch emerging problems before they hurt your bottom line.
  • Identify opportunities that you may have been overlooking.
  • Smooth transitions, especially following rapid growth.
  • Sort out your priorities and communicate them clearly to staff and associates.
  • Give you and investors peace of mind.

Why Do a Checkup of Business Health?

We take for granted regular check-ups of our physical health, teeth and cars. Similarly, you need to regularly take an objective look at those nagging concerns that may be symptoms of serious problems in your business. If caught early enough, a few simple adjustments to your business practices are all that is needed.

What to Expect

The process is a form of detective work. We will combine my experience from reviewing and managing many organizations with your knowledge of your business and concerns.

You are in charge.

Findings are strictly confidential.

Business Check-Up Process

Initial MeetingĀ 
We will spend a few hours discussing your business. I will ask a lot of questions about your operations and administrative processes. You will share any concerns on which you would like objective feedback. We will agree on what areas require an in-depth review and who should be interviewed.

Review of Documents
I will study the documents that we decide are relevant. These might include business plans, marketing materials, procedures, files, or correspondence.

I will meet the key individuals that you identify as being important to your operations. These might be staff, clients, investors, or suppliers.

Interim Meeting
I will share my initial findings and ask you to clarify questions that have emerged. We will agree on further areas to be investigated.

Final Report
This will normally be an oral report to you personally and anyone else you choose to invite. I will provide a summary of the environment, strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations will provide sufficient detail for use as terms of reference for suggested projects.

Written Report

A written report can be useful for financing or as a communications tool. This is available for an additional fee.

Ongoing Coaching

We may agree to maintain an ongoing business relationship. This usually consists of monthly meetings and more regular phone conversations to review strategies and progress and solve problems as they arise.

Each situation is unique and we will tailor a schedule, process and fees to meet your needs.

Scope of Review

  • Financial management
  • Customer relations
  • Staff morale
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Operational Controls
  • Human resource management
  • Organizational structure
  • Manuals and procedures
  • Performance indicators
  • Quality control
  • Security
  • Contract administration

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