As an executive in the Canadian Federal Government, I have done extensive work in organizational design, recruiting and training employees, and coaching my own direct staff to help them develop their careers.  I have had some involvement in human resources policies, especially as they relate to evaluating the performance of staff.  I can help the clients understand the employers’ perspective.

I have extensive experience in operational reviews, restructuring organizations and processes, and streamlining management practices in a large variety of organizations.  I realize that you would prefer to find someone with in depth experience with health services.  I have not worked specifically in the area, but I have found that these process skills are readily transferrable to any environment and a fresh perspective on the area of specialization can actually be an advantage

To the extent that I understand it, IQ is entirely compatible with how I try to function at work and in other aspects of my life.  It may ultimately be Nunavut’s greatest gift to the rest of Canada, or so I fervently hope.  Here’s a sampling of how I think this shows up in my activities:

  • Business Planning – During the last decade of working with small businesses, I have coached entrepreneurs to internalize the process which leads to the actual plan document.  I ask questions and present the data in a way designed to have them reach their own conclusions.  Clients often continue our relationship by requesting periodic coaching sessions to address specific issues or simply to use me as a sounding board, but I am careful to resist the temptation to encourage them to become dependant on me.
  • Management – I have tried to minimize my use of authoritarian direction.  Instead I have fulfilled my responsibilities as an executive and project manager by clarifying objectives and context, delegating clearly with mechanisms for accountability, and coaching individuals through difficulties.
  • Organizational change – I have participated in many transition teams ranging from introducing programs, integrating new technology, and accommodating changes in policy direction in a number of federal government departments.  I have led planning processes in a number of non-profit organizations and many small businesses.  Effective planning requires considerable consensus building and inevitably involves some degree of change.
  • Community development – I am very interested in being part of and strengthening communities.  I was very involved in the early years of the National Capital Freenet, working towards an on-line community with shared decision making.  I spent six years as a trustee of local public libraries because I think easy access to information is central to democracy and participation in society.  I have been instrumental in setting up a number of mentoring and peer support programs aimed mainly at entrepreneurs.  My first contact with CESO came about because I was seeking mentors for members of the Home Business Association for which I was then Director of Education.
  • Celebration of differences – For 20 years my household included my husband’s parents who came from India and spoke little English.  My parents were refugees.  Everyone is a minority in some sense, and that provides richness and strength.
  • Mothering – I raised two well-rounded, self confident, independent, public-minded sons.

Types of projects where I might be helpful:

  • Planning
  • Developing organizational or administrative infrastructure
  • Process re-engineering, including introduction of technology
  • Management practices
  • Review of operations.


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