Congratulations.  You have a product, a business plan, financing, a marketing plan, customers and an impressive to-do list.  You’re in business!

Good plans are necessary but not sufficient to being successful.  They usually contain some tripping points where you know what to do, but not necessarily how to do it.  At other times, you may have implemented the plans but are not getting the results that you expected.  Occasionally, you reach a major decision point that was not anticipated in the plans.

Llike an athletic coach, I can provide objective observations, discussion and tools to help capitalize on your strengths, accelerate your development, and prevent injury.

Getting Started

During the first month we will meet several times to get to know each other, review your various plans, and agree on objectives and parameters for a coaching relationship.  Each relationship is highly customized according to your preferences and needs.

Ongoing Process

We will schedule one or two regular meetings, by phone or in person, per month.  In addition, I am available to you as needed for short discussions by phone, email or instant messenger when particular issues arise.

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