Business Plans

I work with you to:

  • Organize and articulate your ideas
  • Brainstorm possibilities
  • Identify missing information
  • Assess risks and critical success factors
  • Develop realistic strategies
  • Lay out an action plan of concrete steps to launch the business

Why You Need a Business Plan

The purpose of a business plan is to:

  • Test your thinking about your business idea.
  • Provide an operating tool to help you sort out your priorities, prepare for potential problems, and otherwise manage the business.
  • Communicate your ideas to others for consideration for financing (loan or investment).

What to Expect

Business planning is much more than a document to submit to your bank manager. We emphasize the process of clarifying your thoughts. The resulting document is then much more likely to capture the excitement of your business ideas.

You have probably already done much of the actual work of dreaming, thinking and planning. Together we will sort out main issues and opportunities, evaluate options objectively, identify missing elements, and focus on priorities.

The result will still be your own plan, but it will be dressed up for business and you will be clearer and more confident about the decisions you are making.

Comprehensive Planning Process

Exploratory Meeting

We will spend two to three hours talking about your business ideas and dreams. Bring along whatever materials you have gathered that will help me understand what you want to do and your resources. Examples are anything you have written so far, product samples, personal resumes of key players, magazine articles, advertisements by potential competitors, and even doodles on napkins. You will leave the meeting with a list of things to do, usually in the form of gathering information.

First Draft

I will capture the contents and tone of our discussion in a business format. This is normally just a few pages with many questions interspersed with text. You will read it and make notes of your reactions, emotional as well as intellectual.

Second Meeting

We will spend one or two hours discussing issues that have arisen and correcting the first draft. We will fill in or plan ways to get the missing information.

Second Draft & Meeting

A good business plan is a living process that is never really complete. We will agree on final changes and review your priorities for launching the business.

Final Draft

The final document will be deceptively simple and brief (10 to 30 pages). The process of boiling it down is where the true value lies. I will provide printed copies of the plan and a CD.

Cost Saving Options

Business Plan Assembly:

If you have already done your planning, I will organize and edit your written materials into a formal business plan, indicating areas for further development.


Do It Yourself:

I will review your existing business plan to suggest improvements and alert you to common flaws in assumptions or inconsistencies.

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