We are a family of independent consultants based in Ottawa, Ontario.

After decades of experience and modest successes in our various disciplines, we still love the work, especially since we can now be selective about what we do and how we do it. This means that our clients get highly personalized service – no cookie-cutter solutions from us. We are happy to no longer need to make compromises in the quality and integrity of our professional services.

Julie Chahal


I am a manager and nurturer of change with extensive experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  I have been successful as an executive, entrepreneur, consultant, planner, project manager, policy analyst, and internal auditor.  My strength is in understanding complex situations, coaching, helping many specialists synthesize their efforts, researching underlying issues, and developing pragmatic and easily understood solutions.

My focus in recent years has been to work as a catalyst for the success of small and midsize businesses and the building of synergistic communities using tools such as business planning, information management, process re-engineering, and team building.

Nash Chahal, PEng


I am a mechanical engineer with experience in design and construction in both government and private sectors.  I specialize in laboratories, central heating and cooling plants and distribution systems, building mechanical systems, and controls.  I have been responsible for many major multi-disciplinary projects.

I take pride in excellent client relations based on clear communications and thorough understanding of requirements and the pragmatic use of my comprehensive knowledge of Real Property clients, organization, procedures, and mandate to facilitate the delivery of results.  I get the job done!


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